Project information

  • Category: App Developer
  • Client: Savoy Group - SOHO Square
  • Project date: Mar, 2013 - Aug, 2013

Content management for Interactive Kiosk and IP TV

HTML is not only useful to make websites, you can use it on Interactive screens or on the TV.

Mar, 2013 Savoy Hotel, we contracted with a company that provide a solution to manage the guest room TVs in case of channels, request a room service, show the guest bill and by a connection to the hotel PMS system, display informative content about the hotel and its facilities.

Aug, 2013 SOHO Square entertainment area, we contacted with a company that provide a Interactive touch screen to show informative content about SOHO Square restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities, and shops.

My Task
  • UI design for IP TV interface
  • Front-End Development to implement the IP TV interface
  • Content management for the Interactive Kiosk